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WW Promotions is excited to bring our 1st Annual Winter Invitational Pull to Lebanon, MO on January 19th-21st!  Here are some details and FAQ's!

Are you registering to pull Mini Rods or Garden Tractors with Perry's Stubborn Mule group?  Visit their website at: for registration information.

Want to see photos of the arena we are using?  Click here!



❄️What is an Invitational Pull?  Do I only get to come if WW sends me an invitation? The answer to that is No!  Anyone who has an eligible truck or tractor is welcome to submit an application for the pull.  So why do we call it “Invitational”? This allows  us to prepare class schedules ahead of time and to make sure there is enough interest in a particular class before the pull.

❄️Do I have to pre register?  Yes.  We need preregistrations to set our class pulling schedules over the 3 day event.  Because of this all pullers are required to submit an application no later than 1/7/23.

❄️Will everyone who registers be allowed to pull?  Most applications will be accepted.  However there is a chance due to class sizes or other possible issues that you may not be accepted.

❄️What if my class isn’t listed?  You can still apply!  If we can get enough applications for a class, we will be happy to add classes.

❄️What happens to my registration fee if I’m not accepted?  If we do not accept your application, your registration fee will be returned to you at the mailing address listed on your application.

❄️Do I HAVE to give my social security number?  Only if you want paid any prize monies you win.  If you want to wait to see if you win anything before you provide that information to us, that will be acceptable.  All social security numbers are kept confidential.

❄️Why aren’t diesel classes listed?  Unfortunately we do not have the equipment necessary to pull diesels in an indoor facility.

❄️What rules are being used? We will be using WW Promotions class rules as well as SMTTPA's class rules.  WW's rules can be found here.

❄️What if I’m accepted but end up not being able to make the pull?  If you ask to be pulled out prior to when class schedules are posted, your registration fee will be refunded.  However, if you wait to pull out until after class schedules are posted, you will forfeit your fee since payouts are determined from the number registered in each class.

❄️What will payouts be?  Unless posted differently prior to the pull, we will pay out 100% of the application fees received to 1st, 2nd and 3rd in most classes.  Additional payouts may also be considered.  Note: for classes with a prequalifying round and a finals round, only the finals round will be paid out.

❄️When will we be paid prize monies?  Checks will be available in the check in area for winners in each class within a couple hours of the completion of your class.

❄️When will schedules be posted?  Schedules will be completed and posted within a few days of the close of registration.

❄️Will I be pulling all 3 days?  No.  Depending on class interest, some classes will have a prequalifying pull one day and a finals pull on a different day.  Other classes will only pull one day.

❄️Will I have to pay to enter the pull facilities?  When you check in on the day of your pull(s) you will receive a colored wristband for yourself and one person that will be good for THAT entire day.  Any others will be charged entrance fees.

❄️How much are the entrance fees?  Adults over 12 will be $20/day, 6-12 will be $10/day, and under 6 will be free.

❄️Where in Lebanon will the pull be?  We have contracted with an indoor facility at the Rafter S Arena, 30695 N Hwy 5, Lebanon MO 65536

❄️Where do I get the application?  You can click here to print off the form.

❄️Where do I mail the application?  30 Bunkerhill Dr, Mtn Home AR 72653

❄️What needs to be included?  The application, a check for $100, and pictures of you/your truck.

❄️Can you take debit/credit cards for the application fee?  Yes, however there will be a $5 fee per transaction. Please call Christine at 870-404-7782.

❄️Why do you need pictures?  Photos are used in advertising and to assist our workers in identifying trucks.

All of the WW team are really excited to be bringing this event.  If you have any other questions, please email or message us or call Aaron at 870-404-3852 or Dave at 870-656-6632.


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